Struggling Victim

Struggling Victim

The story of victim girls who were born in destitute families in the last 35 years

(Chapter – 1)

Today, with this slogan, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, we are thinking about the welfare of daughters born in this conscious time, and it is right to think about them! At least if we think of educating the daughters who belong to the current era, they will become self-reliant in the future. They will be protecting their self-respect and become partners in nation-building by being useful to their families and society. Brigham Young has rightly said, "When you educate a man, only one man is educated, but when you educate a woman, the whole generation is educated"

On the contrary, there is another question, what about the millions of daughters living in our society who were born 20 to 35 years ago in a poor family with a mindset where having a daughter at home was considered a curse! Where attempts were made to kill a daughter in the womb even before she was born! Where the people have mourned since the birth of a daughter! As soon as a daughter was born, the first question that came to mind was how would she get married? There was never any idea in that society about how that little girl born at home would study. Never emphasized how she would be healthy, never imagined that she would bring glory to the family and society in sports, in the business world, in administrative services, or by flying high in space. Never even tried, she can also handle a family legacy or carry forward a lineage.

A big question used to arise here, why this, because she is an alien wealth, why to provide good education to her, she will get married and go home one day! Regardless, she gets married to a good and well-settled boy, and we should get the virtue of Kanyadan (daughter donation)! From her birth till she grew up, neither her own family nor the society ever considered her an asset, she was always brought up as a liability.

Go back in the past and try to put yourself into their shoes to get an idea with which mentality they have developed? The equality that we talk about today would never have stuck in her dream, and on the other hand, from celebrating the birth of a son to his studies, sports, and good upbringing, the whole family worked day and night, and in the same family, the daughter was made to realize every day how she was separated from the son born in the house. Yes, from an early age, a thought certainly was put in her mind, or rather, from the very beginning, she was shown the dream that she would marry a good boy and life would be beautiful, even the poem that her mother used to recite to her was the same, "One day a prince will arrive on a horse and take our princess daughter away, and what happens later, no one ever thought that the same prince and his family would burn the princess alive by pouring kerosene on her under the lure of dowry."

But still, her thought of getting her prince, the goodness of that prince, his ability, the dowry to meet the standards of his family status and in order to meet the expenses of a good marriage according to the boy's family, her entire family deducts money from that daughter's education, sports, good upbringing to dispose or throw out that girl from her own house.

The heart used to scorch by the pain when it was discovered that the money that the girl's mother had been collecting since childhood for her darling's wedding was wasted by her father in consuming alcohol and gambling. and this is not the story of one house, it is the story of most of the poor families living in slums and villages, and the amazing thing is that even though the government has given the services of education and health for those poor, but in those small towns, the facility of liquor contracts was definitely given to ruin those families, and the same liquor has made those darling daughters wretched in their father's house and victims in their husband's house.

It doesn't stop there - how the society's abuses are made every day and the daughters have grown up, understanding that pain is beyond thinking, how the ruthless men lure them to marry without dowry, how with the help of her Monday fast, the clutches that took her into prostitution and the black deeds of love jihad, I will publish the story in a very well-planned way in the coming article. Through this article, I just want to mention that the life story of poor daughters born between 1970 and 2000 has been very harsh, they still have a long way to go, to honor them, to give them opportunities to do something for themselves, and to keep them happy in any form would be more virtuous than a Kailash Mansarovar and Haj pilgrimage which will be written in golden letters in your book of good deeds.