Family exploitations

Family exploitations

The Word exploitation in itself is capable of defining the situation wherein somebody is exploited physically & mentally antd that itself is is the best weapon to make someones life worse than living.It makes life worse than death wherein somebody lives a undignified life on daily basis. Now the question arises as to who is doing this exploitation ? That part is explained by 2 aspects number one is family and number two is society,and I purposely name them as such so that they both realize that they have made their daughters life hell and have contributed equally for such exploitations.There are more kinds of exploitations namely by police ,be media or by our judicial system, which I will discuss in my future articles.

The 1st exploitation starts from the family of girl child –ladli beti,where from the beginning she has been made aware of her status in the family,her choices to be made,sports which she can play and also what sports are meant for her and her brother in the same family.In the name of sports,her differential treatments starts, she is forced to play in and around her home games like counting little stones, making marks on floor and then playing on 1 leg (steppe) or skipping ropes. They are never been told that these games will immerse you so much that you will never be able to break the family shackels and become independent and strong as an individual and will never be able to gain your full potential as an adult. But on the otherside ,boy child is given the example of sachin Tendulkar and given bat-ball to achieve his aim and become like him.

Even worst happens when the same mother who has given birth to both boy and girl child, openly and unashamedly declares that the well being of boy child is more important than that of girl child, so the milk and good food will be first given to boy because he will take the family legacy forward not her.Patent right for family reputation and legacy is given solely to boy child always. Sometimes do try to think and recall who female sports persons name these kind of families would have used or taken to motivate their girl child to become such sports person, the answer will be “nobody” because they have never done that.

If in such poor family, when a father comes dunken in no senses and beats the mother or daughter, nobody considers it a crime because he is sole bread earner of the family.And if that same father breaks the father-daughter relation in future and happens to molest/rape his own daughter, that same mother will keep silent on this and tries to hush off the matter and do whatever she can to keep it a secret within family because it is part and parcel of their family life and society in basti. Whats worse is that the victim is helpless and is not even aware of what has happened to her and only understand the pain which she has to suffer and the beating she has undertaken in the act done, when she matures to understand what has been done to her, the time is lost and now is forced to keep mum and accept it as her fate and move on and keep suffering silently.In such bastis the mothers of girl child are not aware of the word rape/molestation, and for this I am talking about females of above 30 yrs age ,who themselves have suffered this throughout their lives.

My mind still unsettles me,when I think of such incidents.We talk about our basic rights –our fundamental rights, but have ever imagined of loosing right over our life itself, that questions me on even calling us humans ,do such people even qualify to be called as human beings ? I have seen inhumaninty when I got to know that in such bastis /families the mother of girls doest not allow their girls to take bath, not for 1-2 days, not for 5-6 days but for several months only reason for that is, that they think their daughters will be safe from men predators when they will be unhygenic and stinkingly dirty so that nobody will come near and they will be safe from predating eyes of evil men.This way they will be protected from any unwanted incident of rape/molestation, and mothers feels that she has done a good job in safeguarding her daughters.

Now what shall I call or name this reality – good looks and beauty doesn’t know any boundry and does not differentiate between rich or poor family. Mothers of such girl child living in those poor bastis ,fear from men predators They think if their girls are good looking and well maintained clean, some evil eyes will pounce on them and take advantage of them and molest them sooner or later so knowingly and deliberetly they keep themselves unhygienic and stinkingly dirty for sole reason of keeping themselves away from men. In our free computer and English literacy classes , we do come to know of some stories where mothers send their girls to our classes in the morning and take them themselves along in the evening after their work only to protect their girls from evil men because they don’t have anybody in their homes when they are out for their work and they don’t risk their girl child by keeping them alone daylong. They feel that their girls are safe with us more than they are in their homes alone,such is their thinking and nobody can blame them because such is the reality. The girl child does not know this fear of their mothers,they are too young to understand this fear.

These real life exploitation stories are so much in numbers that if I try to recall or write  here, the real issue will be lost or diverted. I really salute and pray for such girls who have faced all these sufferings and exploitations and grown up in such surrounding and I pray and salute even more to parents who have brought up their girls-boys in these situations  without any partiality or differential treatment and have given same good treatments to all their boys and girls. Now all such girls are making their families –parents proud and same time making evil families ashamed of their wrong doings and forcing them to regret that such girls are not born in their families. Further about societal exploitations , I will take that in my future articles till then my concern remains that ,the girls for whom I am fighting, how should I protect them from evil families who kill them in the womb itself even before they take birth, and all this happening in our present day society where we call it a strong media and social media era. This evil thinking is not only limited to poor or slums family but is well spread into our rich-famous and well educated society living in posh areas of any city, all this takes place in the name of family reputation –family legacy and keeping up such good name and taking it further .They do pray to god religiously but sometimes fails to understand its real meanings. I do want them to sit,relax and question themselves,as to who will further take their family legacy forward and think of kalpana chawla’s parents,who has made them proud, who has taken their family reputation forward and made them a part in history books. Think of the parents saina nehwal, who has made them proud or even us as an Indians, by what name her family is known or for that matter think of our loved ex pm Pt J N Nehru, in whose name Indira Gandhi represented our nation and in her name her family is known even today. We all will be ashamed .